I'm Back

Jul 10, 2019

Well I’m back! For those of you who have been playing along at home you may have noticed that my blog went missing for a little while there. Long story short, I wasn’t using it and the content on it was largely out of date anyway (we’ve all Google’ed our way to a blog that has 6 year old tech content on it at some point or another, so I know you know what I mean). But I’m back! Which I suppose prompts the next question - why? Well for a little while now I’ve been working on the concept of a blog that I could run in AWS that was entirely “serverless”. That means not a single operating system that I manage anywhere in system - just native AWS services. At the same time I wanted to make sure I kept a flexible WYSIWYG style backend - so this gave me a chance to flex some of my developer muscles (they needed dusting off a little, but it’s like riding a bike once you get going again) and build myself a platform that could serve that purpose. I gave my little project a code name of “CloudShot” and starting coding (literally I just thought it sounded cool, and given how most developers, myself included, tend to obsess over names I was happy to take the first idea that popped in to my head and run with it!).

My plan for this blog now is two-fold. One, to keep adding features to it so that it becomes a more usable platform. Secondly, I’ll document the journey as I go here so I actually have some content to write about - after all, what’s a blog without any posts. In that spirit, let me share a little of the journey that led me to here. I first had the idea about a year ago, not long after I first joined AWS. I was still wrapping my head around a lot of the services that AWS offer at the time, so my original architectures were a little interesting. I actually started writing code for this project three times throughout the year, the first two didn’t make the cut for one reason or another (usually they were a little complex), it seemed the third time was the charm. The design I opted for in the end actually leverages Jekyll to do the HTML generation for me. This meant my final design revolved around a web based editor for Jekyll style markdown files, and a bit of a publishing workflow around it to make things go after I clicked save. I’ll go in to more detail about the architecture and the design in coming posts, but those are the highlights.

So stay tuned dear reader as I take you through my design and thought processes, as well as through some coding tips and tricks that I use to make this little old blog of mine shine a little brighter! I’ll eventually add support for commenting on posts as well, but for now if you want to share your thoughts with me you can get me on twitter!



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